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Get more bitcoin by doing the 2 Simple Shocking Tasks to Earn BTC With Crypto Network APP.  The 2 Simple Shocking Tasks to Earn BTC With Crypto Network APP are downloading the App and start mining .

Here are the Cudo Money Future APP

First you must sign up to register

  1. Click here or Open up the web browser to the site
  2. In the website click “ Register”
  3. A window will open up. Fill in your first name, last name, username, email address, password. Confirm your password, Check the re-captcha “I’m not a robot” and also check ‘Terms of use” that you have read and agree to term of use. Then click the red button “Register”
  4. After you click “register” you will come to login page. You can login now, you have to enter your email , password, re-captcha that you are not a robot and click Login

Trade and Exchange 

You can trade and exchange crypto for profit, you can also use the terminal to trade and exchange one coin for another at the market rate, to close trades (i.e. take your profit from a trade), you use Tether. But what if you don’t hold crypto in Tether and would prefer to move part of the funds into Bitcoin? You need to follow these steps:  

  1. First click the “Exchange” button. Next go to “All Instruments”. You should be able to see a list of instruments with different wallets. Find the one that says BTC USDT and click on it. You should then see the relevant chart, market depth and a list of the latest trades completed on the market. You  will learn how to use this in other tutorial videos. 
  2. Click “Market” to exchange at the current price or , alternatively, you can opt to exchange for a price of your choosing and then enter a limit value/stop loss.
  3. In the example we will buy Bitcoin for its current market value. Specify the amount of coins. 0.01 foe example and then click the “Buy” button. Congratulations. you have just bought some bitcoin.
  4. You can go to the “wallets” tab where you new coins will be now visible. The process is the same for all your available wallets.


To manage your crypto wallets, watch video tutorials so you must know

  1. how to trade and exchange
  2. what advantage exchange is 
  3. how to deposit with credit cards
  4. how to deposit with cryptocurrencies
  5. how to withdraw with cryptocurrencies
  6. how to withdraw profit via Bits of Gold
  7. what your trader  tracker is 


To start mining

  1. Log into your account
  2. Open the “Cloud Miner” tab and click or tap “Start Mining” 
  3. Activate the “Start Mining” button every four hours  to stay connected to the mining process and and collect your reward. The ability to earn with in-app mining is also convenient for users who have only used the the demo mode and haven’t switch to making real trade yet. 
  4. You can  can do real trade and exchange without mining. Watch the Introductory video tutorial to be an excellent miner 

Loyalty and Affiliates Programme

The loyalty and affiliates programme is for providing more favorable terms for clients with elevated
trade and exchange activities and high trading/exchange turnovers. The specific terms enjoyed shall be determined on the basis of the Client’s individual status. You have to qualify for a given status over a period of time. The loyalty and affiliates programme together with referrals are part of the StormGain future advancement for more clients. You have to fill a form to be a partner in the loyalty and affiliates programme  


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Support and help


Safety and Security


Cheap Mining Cost



Key Features & Benefits of  StormGain

Key Features Benefits
No Mining Equipment require Mining is done by the APP
No Battery and CPU Drainage You have low cost of mining
Fast and Risk FreeYou earn more from fast mining and its risk free
Cryptocurrency ExchangeYou exchange multiple cryptocurrencies to earn commission fees
Crypto Trading You trade cryptocurrencies’ volatility
Trading SignalsYou receive signals for profitability and probability trades
Easy To StartYour registration, buying and withdrawing of crypto is easy  
Bitcoin MinerYou have a miner bitcoin
BonusesYou earn more from Affiliates, Loyalty programme and Interest on deposits


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