Here is are the 3 Best Change E Money

Earn bitcoin and cryptocurrency through 3 Best Change E Money. The 3 Best Change E Money are Exchanges, Affiliate Program and BTC Faucet. Earn  bitcoin through  exchanges, affiliate earnings and BTC faucet. This is how you earn through 3 Best Change E Money.

 First you must sign up to register:

  1. Open the web browser and type and go visit
  2. On the click “Affiliate Program”
  3. Scroll down under in Affiliate Registration click “Follow the link”
  4. You will come to “Terms and conditions of participation in the affiliate program“ read the terms and condition
  5. Scroll down to “Registration in the affiliate program “
  6. Fill in your username, your e-mail, your secure password, retype your secure password
  7. Check all the check box. Make sure you uncheck the I did not read the rules before the registration
  8. Then Click “Click to verify”
  9. Then click “register” you will come to registration successful
  10. You can now login to your account using your login details. Click Login. You will come to this and fill in your login details then click login
  11. After you login you have this – your account detail information. Keep this in a safe place
  12. Start exploring the features of

The 3 Best Change E Money are:

1. Exchangers

Select the currency pair you need on the left panel if you want to see the rates of exchangers working with this particular exchange direction. For Example:

Exchangers for Ethereum for Bitcoin:

  1. Click “Exchanger Monitor” then Click “Table” You will see two columns of the table “Give” and “Get”
  2. Under “Give” column click the coin you want to “Give” for the exchange , example Click “Ethereum”
  3. Under “Get” column click the coin you want to “Get” for the exchange of the Give – that is “Ethereum” Click “Ethereum”
  4. In “Exchanger Monitor” you will find the exchangers with the exchange rates for “Ethereum to Bitcoin”
  5. Scroll down and run through the exchanges choosing the best exchanger for ethereum to bitcoin. Click on your chosen exchanger.
  6. You will be directed to the exchanger website to do your exchange. In that exchanger site you may sign up to register before you can do the exchange.

You may exchange different pair of currency by following and repeating the above steps. Watch the video for more information

2. Affiliate

After the registration, you will get to choose among a lot of promotional materials (texts, banners, scripts and other), which will make your work as easy as possible. All you will have to do is invite visitors to our site by publishing promotional materials on your home pages, in blogs, on forums, in question and answer services, on discussion boards and other resources.

Your link will contain a unique code that will allow us to detect that it is you who brings us a visitor using your link. Our affiliate program will be most profitable for those who own sites with a lot of visitors that sell or advertise products and services people pay for with electronic money. The more people you will recommend our exchanger monitoring service to, the more you will earn from our affiliate program. Your affiliate account will show the full information about the number of users who came to us using your link and also the affiliate reward you got for them


3. Bitcoin BTC Faucet

You can use any service that works with Bitcoin blockchain directly, for example:

  1. Blockchain – popular web wallet
  2. — another popular web-wallet;
  3. Bitcoin Core — official;
  4. Electrum — lightweight Bitcoin-client.

You cannot use micropayment gateways in the BestChange faucet, such as FaucetBox, BitChest, Bitcoin-Cloud etc. Please use the original addresses of Bitcoin-wallets.

Many payment systems allow creating Bitcoin wallets, but often they have minimal amounts for transactions and additional fees, and if you transfer to such wallets an amount less than the one specified in the service’s rules, the service will take 100% of the transaction.

The following services and payment systems have restrictions and are not suitable for receiving funds from best change faucet:

Cryptonator — minimal amount is 10 000 satoshi;
WebMoney — minimal amount is 10 000 satoshi;
Payeer — minimal amount is 100 000 satoshi.

When ordering a withdrawal, make sure your wallet does not have restrictions on topping up the balance. It will be impossible to cancel the transaction or revert it, and you will lose all the ordered amount.

Visit your dashboard to see 3 Best Change E Money features and start earning bitcoin. Watch also video if you are unsure how to earn bitcoin.


Electronic money exchangers listing

Next set up your security features and 2 factor Authentication in your account


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Key Features & Benefits of BestChange

Key Features Benefits
Exchanger Monitor
You can see all the features of your account and exchangers to choose for the best exchange rates
You have more than 250 exchangers to choose from
More than 200 Exchangers
You choose the best from the different variety of exchangers and exchange rates
BTC FaucetYou can get from 1 to 1 000 Satoshi every 60 minutes.
You choose Best rates for the most popular conversion directions in front of you
E Currency Exchanges Services
You have information for those currency exchangers owners who want to add their exchange services to the rating.
You calculate your pair of currency change rate that is best for you according to exchange rates
 Double Exchange
You calculate the double change rate that is best for you according to exchange rates
 NotificationYou can set up notification of the best change rates on the market so you are notify through your mail
 Visa & Master card
You can use your visa & master card  change to bitcoin or any other coins
Affiliate Referral ProgramYou will get up to $0.65 for each customer you attract to the site