Here are the 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow

There are  3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow that are very important in the crypto currency exchanges and the crypto industry. Changenow is absolutely the fastest access to buy, sell and exchange bitcoin and crypto currencies limitlessly.  Changenow is popular instant crypto asset exchange with 100+ coins and tokens listed.


First you must sign up to register

  1. Open your web browser and type in or visit
  2. On the site click “Sign up”
  3. Create your account by entering in your name, username, email, your secure password, retype your secure password
  4. You may Enter the security code and click “register”
  5. Some registration requirement for signing up may want to you to have your
    eWallet address or bitcoin wallet address or
  6. checking  the reCaptcha  that you may not be a robot or
  7. entering your security codes or directing you to your email address  after you’ve click registration so that you are verified by clicking the verification link or copying and pasting verification code in the registration process.

The 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow are:

1. Exchange Pairs of Coins – The first of the 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow is Pair coin exchanges

BTC to XMR: You exchange Bitcoin to Monero
BTC to BSV: You exchange  Bitcoin to Bitcoin-sv
BTC to ETH: You exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum
BTC to TUSD: You exchange Bitcoin to Trueusd
BTC to ZEC: You exchange Bitcoin to Zcash
USDTERC20 to XMR: You exchange Tether to Monero
XMR to BTC: You exchange Monero to Bitcoin
ETH to BTC: You exchange Ethereum to Bitcoin
BCH to BTC: You exchange Bitcoin-cash to Bitcoin
USDTERC20 to ETH: You exchange Tether to Ethereum

2. The second of the 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow is Supported On-Demand Coins

Bitcoin is the astounding  and second to none traded cryptocurrency in the industry. You Convert BTC at the best Bitcoin exchange rate


Ethereum is the second most popular traded coin. You Convert ETH at the best Ethereum exchange rate


Ripple is one of the most traded digital asset. You Convert XRP at the best Ripple exchange rate

Bitcoin Cash:

Bitcoin Cash is the fastest growing coins. You Convert BCH at the best Bitcoin Cash exchange rate


Stellar is also one of the main coins. Convert XLM at the best Stellar exchange rate


Convert XMR at the best Monero exchange rate

All Currencies:

There are more than 100 + crypto currencies to exchange.

3. The last of the 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow is Crypto Currency Revolutionary API and Tools
Development API:

ChangeNOW’s Crypto Currency Revolutionary API and Tools is built for developers and comes with detailed technical manual. You can easily integrate a cryptocurrency exchange system in you website.

For Partners:

Become a partner and earn money. You join the family. Reach out! A partnership with ChangeNOW offers a unique opportunity to get the most profitable revenue for your enterprise by setting an income level that suits you the most. Have access to the Crypto Currency Revolutionary API and Tools.

Widgets and Buttons: 

For websites built on WordPress, ChangeNOW created a very special customizable plugin. Adding cryptocurrency exchange flow to your website has never been easier! Create your unique exchange widget with a wide range of settings and color palettes. Easy as 1, 2, 3: just install our plugin, customize it, and get your profit.


Other features of the 3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow

Referral Program

Share unique affiliate links generated just for you on your blog, web page, or social media account and get paid for every exchange made through your links. Get your own set of affiliate links after a short registration process!

Partners Profile

When You become partner with ChangeNow, you have a dashboard to watch your crypto currency exchanges that you have from your own crypto currency exchanges website, analyse your daily statistics, check how much crypto currency you have earn, watch the status of your crypto currencies and check your pair coin of exchanges.

Token Swap

You have a token to migrate to the new mainnet. There is  a custom workflow for you and with you through token swap. Your own crypto community now can perform seamless swaps of your tokens into coins.

NOW Token

NOW Token is the first token made by an instant exchange platform. NOW Tokens serve as an internal currency. The tokens will be in a great demand as you grow. NOW Token exists on two networks simultaneously: on Ethereum (ERC20 Standard) and Binance Chain (BEP2 Standard). ERC20 to BEP2 or vice versa exchanges are already available.


3 Unlimited Crypto Exchanges of Changenow


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Key Features & Benefits of ChangeNOW

Key Features Benefits
  Exchange PairsYou can choose which coin pairs to exchange
Supported CoinsYou have access to main basic coins exchange – bitcoin and more
 AcademyYour learn more on exchanges and crypto world
  API & Tools You have access to tools and API to manage your crypto business and increase your bitcoin and wealth
 Development APIYou can easily integrate a cryptocurrency exchange system anywhere you want
 Partners As a partner, you have unique opportunity to get the most profitable revenue for your enterprise by setting a higher  income level
 Widgets & ButtonsYou Add the Exchange on Your Site if you run a crypto exchange website
  Now TokenYou have special rates for all exchanges, better affiliate conditions, listing and featuring of new coins
Token SwapYou Migrate your token to the mainnet to earn more crypto