The 6 DualMine Easy Steps To Mine Bitcoin

Start cloud mining with profitable currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC and more following the 6 DualMine Easy Steps at DualMine. The 6 steps are Register, Choose Haspower, You Pay, Activate Your Order, Mining Begins, Start receiving daily coins. Here follow the 6 steps to earn cryptocurrencies.

Here are the 6 DualMine Easy Steps to Mine Bitcoin

1. First you must sign up to register
  1. Click here or Open up the web browser and type in Dualmine
  2. In the website click “ Register”
  3. A window will open up. Fill in your first name, last name, username, email address, password. Confirm your password, Check the re-captcha “I’m not a robot” and also check ‘Terms of use” that you have read and agree to term of use. Then click the red button “Register”
  4. After you click “register” you will come to login page. You can login now, you have to enter your email , password, re-captcha that you are not a robot and click “Login”
2. Choose hashpower
  1. After you register and login to your account you will have to choose hashpower to start earning bitcoin
  2. Click “Orders” scroll to the bottom click “Create new order”
  3. Choose your hash power by moving the calculator price scale to the amount of your desire. After you choose your desired hash power, Click “Buy bitcoin contract now”. You have to buy bitcoin with
3. You Pay
4. Activate your order
5. Mining Begins
6. You start receiving daily coins


6 DualMine Easy Steps


Next set up your security features and 2FA 


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