Here are the 8 BTC Smash Earning Hits

Earn bitcoin through the 8 BTC Smash Earning Hits.  The 8 BTC Smash Earning Hits are Referrals and Hashing, Faucet Hits and Offers,  Codes and Binary Options then Links and Awards.

1. First you must sign up to register

  1. Click here or Open up the web browser to visit the site
  2. In the website click “ Register”
  3. A window will open up. Fill in your first name, last name, username, email address, password. Confirm your password, Check the re-captcha “I’m not a robot” and also check ‘Terms of use” that you have read and agree to term of use. Then click the red button “Register”
  4. After you click “register” you will come to login page. You can login now, you have to enter your email , password, re-captcha that you are not a robot and click Login

Referrals and Hashing.

  1. To earn from referrals and hashing register and login to your account.
  2. Click “Home” then “Referrals”. You will see your affiliate link here. Highlight and copy your affiliate link and paste or share on your social media platforms. Invite your friends. You will immediately get hits for each link visit! You will also increase your level and auto refill rate.
  3. For more earnings on Referrals and Hashing, Click “Home” then “Hashing”. Click “Start Mining”. Leave this page open. Your generated hits will be added automatically. You can leave this page open in a separate tab.

Hits Faucet and Offers

  1. Click “Home”. You will see your current level and claim hits these are your hits faucet and offers. Click “Claim Hits”. Your Time starts – 10 hits every 3 hours. Click the “Mystery box”. You start earning. Click the next hits faucet and offers. Keep on clicking the hits faucet and offer until you have no hits left. You see your earnings on the left increase in every hits faucet
  2. Click “Offers”. You will see your available offers. Some offers can be completed multiple times. Make sure you follow instructions. Some offers are shown only for desktop, mobile devices or certain countries. Try different devices and IPs to see more offers!

Codes and Binary Options

  1. To earn from Codes and Binary Options, Click “Home” then “Codes”. To get free coupons and refill hits you must enable the site Push notifications/Alerts from  when prompted and you will be regularly send new coupons! Each coupon has a limited number of uses so only the fastest ones receive the bonus!
  2. For more earnings on Codes and Binary Options, Click “Home” then “BINARY OPTIONS”. You will have to guess the price of Bitcoin after 5 minutes and double your investment! Make a Call if you think the price will increase or make a Put if you think it will decrease. You need to have at least 1 hit in order to start!

Links and Awards

  1. To earn from Links and Awards, Click “Home” then “Links”. You can browse various websites for a required amount of time and receive hits immediately! You are allowed to view one link at a time and unlimited links per day. Only users who have 0.02 Bitcoin or higher balance are allowed to add links for  more hits.
  2. For more earnings on Links and Awards, Click “Home” then “Awards”. Keep smashing Items for more hits as awards from Beginner to Godlike and collect all awards!

8 BTC Smash Earning Hits


BTC Smash Alternatives

Visit site BTC Smash
IQ Mining


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Key Features & Benefits of  BTC Smash

Key Features Benefits
Mining (Hashing)Earn bitcoin by Mining
ReferralsEarn by Referrals at different levels
Hits FaucetEarn by hits through clicks
OffersEarn by doing offers
CodesEarn by Coupon codes
Binary OptionsDouble your income predicting the price of bitcoin
Links Earn by visiting website links
Affiliate ProgramEarn by inviting visitors to wesites


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