Here is the Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin 

Digital asset investors also should note the Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Trading bitcoin at Binance is very easy. Follow Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin. You start by signing up with Binance, then setting up your security features and then make payments so you can start trading bitcoin.  This is how you earn bitcoin through Binance:

First you must sign up to register

  1. Open your web browser and type in or visit
  2. On the site click “Sign up”
  3. Create your account by entering in your name, username, email, your secure password, retype your secure password
  4. You may Enter the security code and click “register”
  5. Some registration requirement for signing up may want to you to have your
    eWallet address or bitcoin wallet address or
  6. checking  the reCaptcha  that you may not be a robot or
  7. entering your security codes or directing you to your email address  after you’ve click registration so that you are verified by clicking the verification link or copying and pasting verification code in the registration process.

1. The first Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin  is the Binance Exchange

Binance exchange is the trading platform to trade to earn bitcoin. It is foremost important for you to understand the platform to trade cryptocurrency strategies to earn bitcoin. The buy and sell button is also in the platform so traders can trade on time. In view of the buy and sell, bitcoin earners has to master the market caps statistics whenever trading prices go up or down so that they profit from the trade. In order to earn bitcoin, traders have to know the features of the exchange platform so that the different forms of trades are executed well.

2. The second Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Free Academy program

Having free tutorials through videos and audios learning about blockchain technology, economics and security is another strategy to earn bitcoin. In order to master the knowledge and skills on how to trade, invest and create crypto businesses, bitcoin earners have to take time to view all the videos over and over again so that there is clarity in the complex knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges. Generally speaking, these free tutorials is all about how to go about with the other seven strategies.

3. The third  Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the  Charity Foundation

Giving to the needy people in poor countries without any extra charge of money for our benefit is the another strategy to earn bitcoin because there is no extra fees. Under those circumstance banks and governments have manipulated on money transfers removing 50 percent of the money thus making poor people not receiving all the money they should have. All in all money senders earn bitcoin through uncharged fees.

4. The forth Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Binance Info

Having reliable and updated trading prices of the 1311 digital currencies on the exchange is yet another feature in order for cryptocurrency earners to consider whenever they want to exchange or trade with bitcoin. In view of these trading information bitcoin traders are able to see better prices hence better trades and more bitcoin.

5. The fifth Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Labs

Consequently the binance labs is for cryptocurrency earners and business owners to incubate and start their business through the blockchain technology so that their businesses survives in the crypto space.

6. The next Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Launchpad

After the incubation of your business through the blockchain tokens, your business is launch through the launchpad so that your business is expose to the crypto community for more bitcoin earnings. It also allows other business or anyone to invest in your business because your business is listed in the binance exchange.

7. The next most important strategy to the Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Research

Being strategic is yet another feature to earn bitcoin through the updates and latest reports of the insights and crypto data analysis, projects and digital asset markets in the binance exchange. Bitcoin traders are to read these reports continuously so that they know the markets.

8. And most indeed the last important strategy to the Binance 8 Elite Blitz to Earn Bitcoin is the Trusted Wallet

Finally, all earnings in bitcoins are stored and bank in binance trusted software wallet hence avoiding the fiat currency bankers and taxes.

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Key Features & Benefits of FTX Exchange 

Key Features Benefits
 Exchange Your platform to do and watch your  bitcoin trades
Binance AcademyYour free tutorials videos and audios of learning
Binance Charity You give to the poor so you don’t pay extra fees
Binance InfoYour trade information center so you can market accurately
Binance LabsYour training house to set up your business (blockchain tokens) for launch
Binance LaunchpadYou launch your business on the exchange for more investments
Binance ResearchYour platform for the latest and update report in the crypto industry
Binance Trusted WalletYour own bank to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies