Here is NeoBux 5 Free Money Do

Earn money from viewing advertisements, doing mini jobs and surveys, playing games and earning coins for website offers through NeoBux 5 Free Money Do . The NeoBux 5 Free Money Do are viewing advertisements, mini jobs, surveys, games, and earning coins for offers. Get Paid for to do. This is how you earn for doing

 First you must sign up to register:

  1. Open the web browser and type and go visit
  2. On the NeoBux Site click “Register”
  3. Create your account by entering in your Username and your secure password
  4. Retype your secure password
  5. Enter Your email address, 
  6. Enter your referrer which is JerryAse
  7. Then enter your birth year
  8. Fill in your Verification code
  9. Check the “ I declare to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.” Also check the “I give my consent to the processing of my personal data”
  10. Click “Continue”
  11. Your will come to Registration page so You will have to visit  your email by getting the code from your email inbox So go to your email box and confirm your code for the validation code  and  paste it in the validation field.
  12. Fill in the verification code from the captcha and click “finish  registration”. You will be congratulated for joining.
  13. Use your password and email to login to your account. Click Login. Fill in your password. Your secondary password is just re-entering your password the second time.
  14. Click “Send” you will now come to your dashboard and account at NeoBux.

The NeoBux 5 Free Money Do to earn bitcoin are:

1. Viewing Advertisements
  1. In your dashboard, in “View Advertisements” there is a number indicating the number of advertisements that you have to view. Click on ” View Advertisements”
  2. You will come to advertisements that you have to click. Click the first advertisement in “Fix Advertisements”. You will have to click on the red dot.
  3. After you click the red dot , you advertisement should load in a new window. After the time laps you should see a notice telling you that your coins has been credited to your account.
  4. Click “Close” and you should be directed to the advertisement page again so you can click on the next advertisement.
  5. Repeat step 2, 3, and 4 until all the advertisements are all clicked. You should see the balance.
  6. Come back the next day to click for more viewing advertisements, games and coins, surveys and mini jobs
2. Doing Mini jobs
  • In your dashboard, Click “Mini Jobs”, You should come to a page of jobs to do. If you cannot see many or any jobs there, switch to by clicking “Surveys” or “Coins”
3. Doing Surveys
  1. In your dashboard, Click “Surveys”. You will come to “Daily Surveys” Click on “Varies”. Your Survey starts. Complete and answer the questions correctly as you are ask. After completing the survey, you should be notified of how much coins you have earn.
  2. Click on “Surveytime” and a video should be shown on how you will do surveys to earn coins. Click on the video and watch it.
  3. Click on “Your Surveys” and you will see how your surveys are performing. If you are new member to NeoBux there will be no record so you have to enter your email address so your surveys
Games and Coins

Games and coins are best ways to earn free bitcoins. They are free and easy to use. There are many faucet websites that offer games and coins activities.

4. Games
  • You earn money by playing games. Click on “Games”, Read the rules and Click “Play Now”. A page will open up. Click the type of game you want to play – card, arcade, strategy, puzzles, and Word.. The game should open up so you can start playing. You earn your coins after playing the game. Choose the next game to play. You can also visit other games and coins websites that offer for free
5. Coins
  • There are websites similar to NeoBux that offer games and coin activities. Click “Coins” on your dashboard. You Earn Coins by Completing Any of the Offers provided. Click “Earn” and Complete your profile by answering questions starting with your date of birth. Click “next”. Complete all the questions. Earn your coins after completing the offer. Click the next offer and continue until you complete the number of offer you want. You earn coins by completing the offers.


Visit your dashboard to see the NeoBux 5 Free Money Do features and start earning bitcoin.

Set up your security features and 2 Factor Authentication in your account

NeoBux 5 Free Money Do


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Key Features & Benefits of NeoBux

Key Features Benefits
Viewing AdvertisementsYour earn when you view and click on daily advertisements
Mini Jobs (Offers)You do mini jobs or available jobs to earn coins
SurveysYou earn when you do multiple surveys
GamesYou earn when you play games
ForumsYou have news, information, support and extra information for members
ClicksYour purchase clicks so that you have more advertisements for more earning
Affiliate ProgramYou can only have direct referrals after 15 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited
Advertisements Your earn by advertising and doing offers