Hey Here is Virtual Mining 3 Limited Buy Contracts

Mine and trade bitcoin through Virtual Mining 3 Limited Buy Contracts. Virtual Mining Farm 3 Limited Buy Contracts are the three period contracts you buy to earn more bitcoin.   Here is how you mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Virtual Mining Farm.

First you must sign up to register

  1. Open your web browser and type in or visit www.coindeal.com
  2. On the site click “Sign up”
  3. Create your account by entering in your name, username, email, your secure password, retype your secure password
  4. You may Enter the security code and click “register”
  5. Some registration requirement for signing up may want to you to have your
    eWallet address or bitcoin wallet address or
  6. checking  the reCaptcha  that you may not be a robot or
  7. entering your security codes or directing you to your email address  after you’ve click registration so that you are verified by clicking the verification link or copying and pasting verification code in the registration process.

Next set up your security features and 2FA 

Follow these steps to earn bitcoin.


Grow your coins and bitcoin through Virtual Mining Farm. The process is easy to use using the Virtual Mining Farm.

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Key Features & Benefits of Virtual Mining Farm

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